Welcome to our site slave! This is the place you dreamt about. You won't have to beg
 to be poured by wax here cause our mistresses know what such losers as you are need!


Wow! This blonde mistress is absolutely crazy and wild! She keeps lots of perverted tortures and torments in stock for her poor obedient slave! This time lewd queen is willing to get the full pussy worship from her weak guy and this needs some preparations! She wants to deprive her boy of any ability to resist and having lighted the candle this kinky lady covers his body and even dick with burning wax and only then saddles and rides his shit face!

Welcome to our site slave! This is the place you dreamt about. You won’t have to beg to be poured by wax here cause our mistresses know what such losers as you are need!

The slutty mistress just loves playing dirty and painful games with her slave! This time she invented a really torturing entertainment for them both! A luxurious blonde mistress starts punishing her slave as always and he obediently and quietly gets all those strikes and jabs. But hold on! What is the lady going to do? She takes a burning candle and quickly pours the guy with the layer of melted wax that stiffens on his body hurting him bad!

Only here you’ll get the real satisfaction you’ve been craving for a long time. But don’t you dare to squeal cause no one cares about it. Be ready for full domination of these domination goddesses! You’ve never go such portion of wax on your miserable body!

Unbelievably painful and at the same time sweet tortures are waiting for these broken and depressed slaves when their mistress lights up her candles! Incredible lady is absolutely able to make her slaves’ life unbearable! She lights up candles and enjoys those damn worms crawling at her feet begging for mercy as she tries to pour the melting wax right on their weak sticks! Hurried by her whip guys finally stoop to fate and get some rod sucking!

You’d better hide your cock cause no part of your dirty body will escape with a whole skin from such a portion of wax

A licentious and powerful mistress tortures her obedient worm looking slaves and then enjoys the work done watching exhausted by fire dudes! This beautiful lady can play with her weak and poor slaves for hours! She lights up candle by candle to cover every inch of each body with melting wax and see how those donkeys convulse from horror as she approaches the fire to their stupid terrified faces! She stays like the victrix among the exhausted bodies!

And if you behave and won’t cry maybe out mistresses will let you lick their sweet pussies!

These are the wildest scenes where a salacious half naked mistress tortures her disobedient slave with drops of melting wax covering his frisky body! This insatiable and cruel gal doesn’t know any mercy to the poor guy convulsing and shivering from pain as she pleasingly and very slowly pours the burning liquid right on his head, chest, feet and even dick again and again watching his reaction and searching for the most sensitive spots on the body!

You’ll feel a really unbearable but still so sweet pain only here! Our mistresses will do with you water they want!

The sexy mistress prepared a good present for her zealous slave! She’s never done it before and already foretastes the loudest screams of pain! Hot lady just loves her hard working slave worship all her sweet body, and the boy is really zealous! He works his tongue skillfully licking every inch of the smooth skin, pounding the tongue inside dirty holes and cleaning them! So what’s the present, you ask? A good splash of burning wax on his breast!

Hot wax dripping on your skin will bring long-awaited pain

Have you ever tried burning wax on your body? Do you think this feeling could turn you on? These poor slave dudes can give you the exact answer! Their slim bodies heavily suffered from saucy mistresses’ torments and humiliation and these slaves felt all the horror and pain from the endlessly pouring melted wax that stiffens on their skin and ladies’ working whips leaving no ability to soothe suffering or at least cool down the extreme heat!

One drop after another… Wax will never stop hurting you

The worst days in this slave’s needless life are when his sultry mistress takes aromatic candles and having lighted them up pours hot wax on his body! This perverted whore definitely knows how to make her donkey dude heavily suffer and what’s more, she adores hearing him beg for mercy and grace! She slowly trickles the drops of the hottest wax on guy’s body and then increases his suffers with that ever present whip that could tear skin to pieces!

You’d better suffer silently cause every your word will make the mistress even more furious

Nothing can make this hot mistress so happy and satisfied than watching her obedient slave worship the burning fire bringing him so much strong pain! This luxurious queen of fire looks really nobly when she stays surrounded by lighted candles in front of her slave trembling from horror! She loves the power of fire and wants that dude feel it too. Drop by drop and soon hot wax is covering boy’s body leaving the red stripes on his skin that hurt a lot!

Wild mistresses need more slaves as their torments are promising explosive orgasms

The nastiest Queen of fire gets absolutely crazy when thinking that her slave is not very eager in licking the wax from the floor and tortures him hardly! This frisky bitch lights more and more candles and put her slave into the fire circle performing the mummery and pretending to be going to kill that needless worm! She squeezes his weak neck tightly with the rope leaving the boy no ability to breathe and searing his skin with awfully hot thick wax!


All models were at least 18 years old.

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