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Welcome to our site slave! This is the place you dreamt about. You won't have to beg
 to be poured by wax here cause our mistresses know what such losers as you are need!


This disobedient slave will for sure know all the power and anger of his two lewd mistresses which are ready to pound his body in flow of melted wax! Lecherous and nude - these mistresses don’t know what the word “mercy” means. They hate disobedience and rebelliousness, especially from the slave and they both are kinky enough to make poor guy suffer heavily from flows of melted wax pouring on that white and soft body! A good result is guaranteed!

Welcome to our site slave! This is the place you dreamt about. You won’t have to beg to be poured by wax here cause our mistresses know what such losers as you are need!

Do you know that cereous surface doesn’t slip at all, so when these sultry mistresses decided to dance on their slave they covered his body with wax! That was a very good idea of two naughty mistresses to make a square for dancing from their slave’s back, but seems he sweated a little from tension so the babes took the candles and having got much burning melted wax overflowed guy’s whole body with layers of that boiling liquid and jumped on it!

Only here you’ll get the real satisfaction you’ve been craving for a long time. But don’t you dare to squeal cause no one cares about it. Be ready for full domination of these domination goddesses! You’ve never go such portion of wax on your miserable body!

What a sultry whore she is! Having no mercy to her slave, beautiful mistress enchains his body tightly and heavily whips him before the main torture! This cruel lady really think wax tortures to be the best to remind her slave about the obedience and worship and she carefully prepares his skin making it even more sensitive from the strong kicks and humiliating the guy absolutely by making him lick dirty feet! Only now he’s ready for her hot wax!

You’d better hide your cock cause no part of your dirty body will escape with a whole skin from such a portion of wax

Slim and pretty - this mistress is at the same time the cruelest in this world! She makes various experiments with her slave and even burns his hair! Oh, this mistress loves seeing horror and disgust in her slave’s eyes so much! She invents more and more ways of humiliating him and this time she saved a very perverted torture - she brings her burning candle really close to donkey’s face leaving him no ability to turn aside and then burns his hair!

And if you behave and won’t cry maybe out mistresses will let you lick their sweet pussies!

Nasty and cruel - this lecherous mistress wants total obedience and worship from her new slave and she is going to show who the real queen here is! Do you want to be the witness of how hard some drops of melted wax can hurt the man’s body, then watch this amazing and sexy mistress playing with her lighted candle and leaving the crimson traces of real cruelty on slave’s skin! Whore slowly tans every inch with hot liquid and adds with feet kicking!

You’ll feel a really unbearable but still so sweet pain only here! Our mistresses will do with you water they want!

Imagine two dirty slaves who are so afraid of burning fire that they try to hide in the corner of the room from merciless mistress willing to tan them! A charming gently smiling blonde gadget looks like an angel holding two burning candles but trembling from scare guys know exactly what she is going to do with them! She is going to wait until hot wax gets burning hot to pour that liquid on naked bodies and enjoy loud piggy squeal and tears of pain!

Hot wax dripping on your skin will bring long-awaited pain

This is something that salacious mistress adores doing with her slave - pouring the hottest melted wax all over his poor trembling body! Armed with two colorful candles, the beautiful lady demonstrates all her cruelty and rigor to that guy squealing from pain! She strongly kicks him with her solid whip making him turn around from one side to another just to cover every inch of his tender skin with trickling wax! Dude has nothing to do but hide his cock!

One drop after another… Wax will never stop hurting you

What cruel and merciless mistresses these fatty chicks are! The pain from hot wax isn’t enough for them and they decide to continue heavy tortures! This poor guy slave feels totally exhausted after his lewd and dirty mistresses punished him hard with plenty of the hottest drops of melting wax that was poured over his body! Fool! He thought his suffers were over! His saucy ladies took their solid whips and heavily stroke that red from heat body!

You’d better suffer silently cause every your word will make the mistress even more furious

Seems this frisky and young mistress wants to have a waxwork instead of a live slave and she step by step embodies this conception in life! This poor slave adores his beautiful lady so much that he is ready and able to bare any suffering or pain if only she will let him worship those wonderful legs and feet and smell the odors of the pussy! And the filthy gadget spreads her legs wide allowing the worm’s tongue in nub as pouring his back with hot wax!

Wild mistresses need more slaves as their torments are promising explosive orgasms

The obedient slave is ready to get every punishment from the hands of his luxurious mistress! Even if these are the most painful tortures in the world! Without any complaint or sound this poor arse gets smothered by the salacious lady who wants to see the expression of obey in his eyes! She mercilessly beads her pussy and butt on guy’s nose and mouth and while he is licking them clean she lights up the candle getting ready to feed dude with wax!


All models were at least 18 years old.

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